domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

Old habits die hard (or they never do).

"Through all the steps of the years behind them, the steps down a course chosen in the courage of a single loyalty -their love of existence- they had moved by the power of the thought that one remakes the earth for one's enjoyment. The course led them to the moment when, in answer to the highest of one's values, in an admiration not to be expressed by any other form or tribute, one's spirit makes one's body become the tribute, recasting it -as proof, as sanction, as reward- into a single sensation of such intensity of joy that no other sanction of one's existence is necessary.
He heard the moan of her breath, she felt the shudder of his body, in the same instant."
[Atlas Shrugged-Ayn Rand]

Until I can laugh at my heart between your teeth.
Hasta que haga recuento de tragicomedias.
Until I stop living to repay.
Hasta que acabe de partirse mi prudencia.

If we never decide to let our glue dissolve.
Si me sacas lo mejor que produzco.
If I'm fit to be torn.
Si detraigo el desencuentro con mis vicios.

What I had is what I will hold.
No todas pujarán su vida a tu merced.
Give me something that will roll me over.
Estoy harta de no vernos amanecer.

Paula Sanz.

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  1. Tengo entendido que Hemingway hablaba como unas diez lenguas, solo para pdoer leer en versión original.. Espero que los haya por ahí trabajando en su castellano para poder leerte (leerse en tus poemas) :)
    Muy muy fuerte ese harta final, gran closing :)