jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

I volti distorti.

Frank Grieber,
Premio del Cine Europeo al mejor director de fotografía por Das Perfum (2007)

—Non ti voltare indietro.

There is a certain beauty in the word vacuum
-inasmuch as the first veils the latter-,
a certain pointlessness in other women’s charms
-it is all they we are left-
which nonetheless unsheathes my swords.
-I know, it is indeed ridiculous.-
How glad I am we thorned our way out
-of those fields of narcissus-.

—No, non ti voltare indietro:
stanno bruciando.

Oh, how the tangle of bodies before us
-arms interweaving, legs seeking not to be in the way-
would be saved
-and oh, how daunting can salvation seem-
if they besieged one another with the slightest shred
of this willingness to give ourselves in.

—Sapevo che guarderesti.

Feel the heaviness of existence and the dampness of woes.
Come watch humanity wilt,
come closer —wall me off from paucity.
Shake off their ashes.

—Di quello che oggi ti offro non rimarrà niente.
(Da lontano, il falò delle vanità non sembra, però, consumarsi mai.)


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